For Professionals

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Clinical evidence 
A document produced by Mike Cummings for BMAS members who are seeking support for their use of acupuncture within the NHS. It is updated from time to time when large clinical trials are published.

Hot Topics 
Useful information about practising acupuncture, including licensing, scope of practice and safe practice

Commissioning guidance
Guidance intended for use by clinical commissioning groups to support them in commissioning acupuncture services for their local population. It may also be useful for those interested in introducing acupuncture services in their organisation or region.

Acupuncture for Back Pain
A presentation from the BMAS Spring Meeting in May 2017. It describes the story from the speaker's perspective of the events leading up to the recommendation in favour of acupuncture treatment for back pain in the NICE Clinical Guideline CG88, and the subsequent events that led to this recommendation being reversed in 2016 in NG59 (the update of CG88).

Academic Associates 
As part of its mission to promote acupuncture within healthcare the British Medical Acupuncture Society has chosen to make some of its resources available to acupuncture practitioners who are already members of another national acupuncture organisation or in a full time academic post, and who are not eligible to be members of the BMAS. This will permit use of specified BMAS resources to facilitate academic pursuits such as education, research or continuing professional development.

Trigger Points Chart 

Research awards 
BMAS has a modest research fund which is available to both BMAS and non-BMAS members by application to the Research Committee. Applicants should include a covering letter and a protocol for their proposed research. Applications should be addressed to the BMAS Council and sent to Allyson Brown at the BMAS London Office.

From time to time we may advertise awards offered by other bodies here.