Academic Associates

As part of its mission to promote acupuncture within healthcare the British Medical Acupuncture Society has chosen to make some of its resources available to acupuncture practitioners who are already members of another national acupuncture organisation or in a full time academic post, and who are not eligible to be members of the BMAS. This will permit use of specified BMAS resources to facilitate academic pursuits such as education, research or continuing professional development.

Academic Associateship offers:

  • Full online access to Acupuncture in Medicine (impact factor 2.5)

  • Access to the BMAS Points Resource containing 130 webpages and 108 videos

  • Access to the series of 50 videos called 'What's the point?'

  • Access to webcasts & CPD modules related to the BMAS Spring & Autumn Meetings

  • Members rates at meetings


The cost is £36.00 per yearProof of membership of a recognised acupuncture organisation must be submitted to support a request for academic associateship, and at each renewal.

To apply to become an Academic Associate please contact the BMAS Head Office
on 01606 786782 or by email