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Scope of practice in Western Medical Acupuncture

This is a document detailing the BMAS position regarding scope of practice. Read this document.

Safe needling over the thorax

This is a document detailing the BMAS approach to safe needling over the thorax. Read this document.

Clinical evidence for acupuncture

This is a document produced by Mike Cummings for BMAS members who are seeking support for their use of acupuncture within the NHS. It is updated from time to time when large clinical trials are published. Read this document.

How do you define the dose of acupuncture?

A paper by White et al gives a contemporary definition.

Working outside the NHS in the UK 

This position paper covers the professional and regulatory issues you need to know.
It is being updated and is currently unavailable.

Licensing of acupuncture in Scotland 

Special licensing conditions for acupuncture apply in Scotland. Click here for details.

A Statement of Intent from the AACP, BAcC & BMAS

Official version released November 2021
Mike's version

A joint statement by the AACP, BAcC & BMAS on the updated National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Guideline for Osteoarthritis in over 16s: diagnosis and management  (NG226)  

Click here for the statement, published 19 October 2022


Guidelines for returning to practice after the pandemic

See also our Resources and Links page