Acupuncture training

Who do we accept on these courses?

The BMAS offers Foundation Course training to healthcare professionals in the UK who are:

  • subject to statutory regulation: this includes doctors, nurses, midwives, health visitors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, dentists and podiatrists (this is not an exhaustive list - call our head office if your profession does not appear here)
  • or subject to voluntary regulation, which is overseen by the Professional Standards Authority, and have undergone degree level training in the discipline in which they are regulated, which should be a patient-facing healthcare discipline that includes clinical touch, with no regional anatomic restrictions
  • or members of the British Acupuncture Council.  

Health professionals from overseas may also apply for BMAS courses and will need to provide details of the regulatory body in the country in which they practice.

UK & Ireland medical students (4th and 5th year) and final-year UK & Ireland students of professions eligible for membership (undergraduates undertaking their first degree) can attend our Foundation Course. There is a generous student discount.

Please note that if you go on to use acupuncture in private practice in the UK you are likely to need to apply for a 'Special Treatments Licence' from your local authority. There are no other statutory regulations restricting the use of acupuncture.

Before acceptance on our Foundation Course all health professionals must have:

  1. Access to an orthodox medical diagnosis
  2. Current membership of a recognised statutory regulatory body (or equivalent overseas)
    or current membership of a body whose register is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority AND degree-level health-care training (see above)
    or current membership of the British Acupuncture Council
  3. Medical indemnity cover
  4. Hepatitis B immunisation.

Hepatitis B immunisation is required for attendance at any course involving practical needling.

To check whether you have the necessary qualifications, please contact the BMAS office: Email:

Training courses


1. The Foundation Course (FC)

This is a comprehensive introductory course covering the concepts of Western medical acupuncture. It is a blended course with online lectures and 2 days of face-to-face practical training.

2. Foundation Refresher Course

A 2-day practical course to refresh skills learnt on the Foundation Course. This is now performed as part of the FC practical days.

3. Supplementary / Special Topic Days

These days focus one of a variety of specific topics. Many of them are available online.

Certification and Qualifications

1. Certificate of Medical Acupuncture (CMA)

Intended for practising medical acupuncturists who have previously attended the Foundation Course.

Click here to download guidelines for the CMA.

2. Diploma of Western Medical Acupuncture (DipMedAc)

BMAS accreditation and the Diploma are available to all BMAS members.

Click here to download guidelines for the Diploma.

Education Policy

Click here for the British Medical Acupuncture Society's Education Policy.

Funding your study

If you need help to cover the cost of your course there are general websites that can direct you to a range of funding opportunities such as You could try applying for a Career Development Loan at

Specialists in palliative care may like to seek support from Hospice UK.

Other Educational Activities

We hold an annual Scientific Meeting, and we have a number of Regional Groups who meet locally.

BMAS members can attend as observers the London Teaching Clinic.

A recommended reading list is available.