Northwich Teaching Clinic

Teaching clinic   

Currently closed

Our new Acupuncture clinic opened at BMAS House in Northwich on 20th March 2018 this provides affordable acupuncture for the local community.  The clinic has a large multi bed room and 2 private consulting rooms.

Patients may be referred by their GP or may self-refer to the clinic. Patients who self-refer should request a referral letter or a summary of medical history and medication from their GP.  

Written consent for treatment will be obtained at the first consultation as part of treatment-planning when the risks and benefits of acupuncture treatment are discussed.

Patient Information

You will be asked to complete a few documents before seeing our clinic doctor. 

You can download these in advance here:

Consent form - giving your permission for us to treat you.
Pain history sheet - provides detailed information about your pain.
History sheet - fill this in with your personal details.
Symptom Diary - you can record your symptoms here.
Example of a symptom diary - to help you fill in your diary.

Referral Guidelines

Referral guidelines are available to download from this link.

We advise any physician not familiar with acupuncture to consult these guidelines before referring to the clinic.

Appointments may be made over the phone or in person Telephone 01606 786782 . New patients are allocated 45 minutes for an initial appointment with follow up appointments being 30 minutes. The charges are currently £40 for a first appointment and £25 for a follow up.  

Clinic sessions are currently on Fridays.

Multi bed clinic room

Newly trained BMAS members are invited to apply to work here as trainees under the supervision of an experienced acupuncturist. So, if you're looking to gain confidence and experience, whilst collecting cases for your Certificate or Diploma, this is a great opportunity.  

Details are still to be finalised but if you are interested in getting involved at the new clinic, please contact the Northwich office on 01606 786782 or email