Comments from Foundation Course participants

The following comments are selected from mostly anonymous feedback from the Foundation Course:

I was on the foundation course back in June, which I thoroughly enjoyed… I think the quality of the course (online, in person, and the notes) is absolutely outstanding, and I am very much enjoying working my way through the rest of the foundation modules!

Online FC with London Practical June 2022

Fantastic course. Great that you can look back over the programme. I would highly recommend the online course.

Fantastic course. Great that you can look back over the programme. I would highly recommend the online course.

I really liked having the lectures online rather than over a weekend. Learning over a period of time suits me much more than cramming into a weekend. The practical weekend was excellent so all in all I would definitely recommend this course.

Thank you for creating the online course. I find it very helpful to learn at my own pace. I like the fact that I can re-watch the videos to refresh my memory.

I feel that doing the online lectures at my own pace allowed me to get more out of the course.

Really enjoyable course, both online and practical elements. Good link to how to use it in our practices and for specific conditions. All points clearly explained and went into practical with a good idea of what we were going to do.

Online FC July 2020–21

Amazing course – such inspiring lecturers – loved it all.
A lot of information in a short space of time but well delivered and punctuated with practical application.
Excellent delivery, highly informative and enjoyable.

Dublin July 2019

Very good balance of practical and theoretical sessions.
Good idea to rotate trainers to see different techniques.
Feel prepared to start practicing after course.

London April 2019

Very pleased I have attended.
It was very useful in that I’ve learnt something that I knew nothing about.
Really useful to my practice as a GP and I hope to start using acupuncture straight away.
Very informative, new skills. Enjoyable teaching styles.

Northwich February 2019

Very good presenters and presentations. Very professionally put together.

London September 2018

I have been looking forward to the course and it has accomplished all of my expectations and more.
Really enjoyed having so much practical time and great to chat with so many different professionals.


Northwich May 2018

It was the most enjoyable and useful course I have done from a work perspective!
The practicals and materials are 1st rate.

Northwich February 2018

The course handbook and organisation is one of the best I have ever seen.
Suited my learning style well – clear and concise.
Northwich February 2018

Thanks for a very well run course, with time used efficiently. Materials excellent.

Northwich November 2017


I found the teaching clear, well structured, researched and paced. The resources are well prepared and I look forward to looking at them properly.

Really enjoyable, can’t wait for more and to start using my skills.

London November 2017

Much easier and less daunting than I thought. Excellent to experience acupuncture – makes you less hesitant about performing it.

London September 2017

This was an awesome practical course.

Dublin 2017

A very good introduction. I like the mixed specialties and the evidence mixed with the case histories. Thanks!
Overall fantastic course!
Thanks so much!

London April 2017

Absolutely brilliant course, my confidence grew hugely, excellent quality materials, very well presented.
Really enjoyed the weekends and the gap between the two gave me time to practice and build some confidence.
Excellent weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed the practical learning along with the theoretical information that underpinned it.
Best course I’ve been on for a long time.
Very good, I'm already trained in traditional acupuncture, but different methods, thoughts and techniques very useful.
Most productive postgraduate training I have ever done in over 10 years in practice.

Cardiff February 2017

It was fabulous.
Really interesting weekend – different way of approaching patients to what I am used to.

Northwich November 2016

Teaching marvellous, brilliant resources, folder, website, etc.
Great venue, lovely property.

Northwich October 2016

Very useful, an eye-opener into another aspect of medicine I wish I had understood sooner.

Glasgow 2016

Brilliant weekend and excellent teaching, feeling confident to incorporate into my practice.

Northwich June 2016

This really is the best CPD/training course I have been on in a number of years in practice, well organised, informative, and crucially lots of hands on practice.

London March 2016

The best-organised CPD course I have done.

Northwich November 2015

I found the dynamic approach to teaching valuable, hands on demonstrations and practical tips over and above the basics.
I was very impressed this weekend as I made some suggestions to make the students more comfortable and found these suggestions had been acted on.

Northwich June 2015

Good depth and spread of knowledge delivered with enthusiasm and passion.

Northwich 2014

Really well run, excellent combination of practical and theory, ideally targeted for beginners.
I would like to emphasise that this was a most enjoyable, well run and educational course, my grateful thanks, you were all very patient.
Very well organised, excellent team of speakers, Enjoyed a lot will recommend to colleagues.

London 2013

Thank you so much for an interesting, entertaining and inspiring course, very well presented by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team, I can not wait to get started.

London 2012

Extremely well run, very interesting, great amount of hands on experience, lecturers excellent.
Enjoyable and not as scary as I thought it would be!

Glasgow 2012

It was very inspiring to see how much intelligent thought and consideration had gone into the advice and teaching we were given, a fantastic course thanks so much.

Manchester 2012

The course leaders have a tremendous level of knowledge to tap into.

Bristol 2012

Loved working in small groups and good idea to change tutor around.
Very enjoyable course made better by superbly experienced and approachable tutors, thank you.

York 2012

Having filled out pre-course my learning objectives, I have fulfilled all of them, very pleased.
I will strongly recommend this course to others. Good teaching and good demonstration.

London 2012

Very nice food. Thank you to all the tutors, this course has been really enjoyable and far exceeded my expectations.

Bristol 2012


The course was very well organised, the notes are also excellent and comprehensive.
York 2012

Personally, I appreciate the importance of discussing the efficiency of acupuncture but I feel there was too much emphasis on research evidence.

Glasgow 2011

Practical, enjoyable and informative.
Small group work and approachable tutors made the course very engaging and useful.

London September 2011

Great course – very enjoyable as the instructors really knew their stuff. Great food too!

Dublin 2011

Thank you for a great learning experience.

London April 2011

Once I got over the fear, and feeling out of my depth, I can honestly say I enjoyed it.
Genuinely fantastic.

York 2011

Fantastic course, I'm feeling really enthusiastic about acupuncture and needling in future. Thank you so much.

Slough 2010

Great course, very enjoyable, all teachers fun and knowledgable and very approachable.
Lovely people on course, a big thank you, I would thoroughly recommend it.

London September 2010

Completely relevant and at the right level. Very interesting, interactive, practical and fun.
Well structured and not too pressured, good mix of practicals.
Informative, dynamic, enthusiastic, friendly, supportive and entertaining.

London April 2010

Great fun, intellectually challenging, I really enjoyed working with different health professionals.

Bristol 2010

Very thorough tuition, well organised and lots of information, many thanks.

Slough 2009

Great course, enjoyed all the practical experience with knowledgeable tutors.

Birmingham 2009

Fast pace and informative. Very intense from a nursing perspective, but that would not put me off recommending the course to colleagues.

London 2009

A well run and well organised course, very interesting and enjoyable, thank you.

Glasgow 2009

The course was thoroughly enjoyable. The views of the course leader were pragmatic, which helps in clearing the overall “slurring” that surrounds acupuncture.

York 2009