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ABVA Equine Acupuncture Introduction 2020- Buckinghamshire
The Horse Trust - (View on Map)
5 - 7 October 2020


5 - 7 October 2020  3 days £850.  

Venue:  The Horse Trust, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire  HP27 0PP

Presented by Dietrich G von Schweinitz and Alex Macdonald


3 days with lab and demos,

Limited to 15 students: suitable for 1st timer and as a refresher


This course is designed to offer equine veterinarians an introduction to equine acupuncture, and as a refresher to those who have previously attended a Foundation Course or similar introduction course.


Dr Macdonald is a founding member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society and has practiced and published extensively on the subject. Dr von Schweinitz has 30 years of conventional equine practice and veterinary acupuncture experience and has published original research in equine acupuncture. The course will cover the essential physiological understanding of acupuncture and its application. There will be labs with horses for acupoint location and palpation exercises as well as acupuncture demonstration.


It is required that participants purchase Schoen’s Veterinary Acupuncture, 2nd ed textbook. This contains equine acupuncture charts from both the traditional Chinese and the western transposition system, along with several chapters on equine acupuncture from different authors with different approaches. It is strongly recommended to read the introductory chapters and the first 2-3 equine chapters beforehand. Veterinary acupuncture books still reflect a mainly traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) approach and this course will focus on western medical acupuncture which draws on certain aspects of TCM which can make a great deal of sense.


There are other equine acupuncture point atlases available on line for purchase, but not provided at the course.  Membership to IVAS includes a download atlas of equine acupoints. 


Day 1

Introduction / Overview

Brief history (equine)

Acupuncture physiology, Part 1 

Acupuncture physiology, Part 2

Safety & Techniques

Equine Acupuncture Charts

Palpation discussion of techniques, interpretations

Lab: Equine palpation, Acupoint Locations

TCM, TCVM, WVA & Politics (see “Mao Invented TCM”, Western Med Ac handouts)


Group Dinner     


 Day 2

Myofascial Pain Syndrome (3)

Myofascial Trigger Points – locations & treatments


Equine Acupuncture Literature & Discuss (see Ac Research & Paradoxes handouts)

Equine Labs Needling lab


Day 3

Poor Performance with uncertain diagnosis

Thermography cases / Autonomic responses

Visceral disease treatment

Case Discussions with Treatment plans

Equine Labs


The schedule is subject to minor revisions during the course.


**If you have recently completed a Foundation course days 1 and 2 are optional and days can be booked at £285 per day.


In order to provide you with continuing support with acupuncture after the course, we are offering a 50% discount on ABVA membership for your first year. 


ABVA Equine Acupuncture Introduction (3days)£850.00
** Equine Intro (Days 2 & 3)£570.00
** Equine Intro (Day 3)£285.00

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