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Acupuncture & MENTAL HEALTH, ZOOM 2020
On line via ZOOM
13 September 2020

Acupuncture and Mental Health

Date : 12/13 September 2020

Location:  on line ZOOM

Price per day:   BMAS member £100   non member £140 

This is a Foundation level training course designed for healthcare professionals working with patients with mental health problems. There are both theoretical and practical elements to the course.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak this course will now be on line through Zoom. The demonstrations will be included, so you'll miss nothing.  The individual sections will also be recorded and made available to attendees on the BMAS website after the event.


We will send you a copy of the programme, plus details of how and when to log on to participate.  Please make sure you have a reliable internet connection so you miss nothing.  There's no need to download the Zoom app or any other software, we'll send you a Zoom meeting code to paste into your browser. Within a couple of clicks you'll be in the audience.  You can also submit questions and comments by Zoom so you can still play a part in the day.


Day 1 is designed for those with no prior training in acupuncture and covers very basic Foundation level acupuncture with safety points.


Day 2 is for those with previous training in acupuncture, such as the BMAS Foundation Course and those who have attended Day 1.


Day 2 can be booked independently of day 1.


By the end of the course participants will be able to use Western medical acupuncture techniques as an adjunctive treatment in patients suffering from mental health problems.



Day 1 Acupuncture & Mental health no previous training- member£100.00
Day 1 Acupuncture & mental health no previous training - non member£140.00
Day 2 Acupuncture & mental health - member£100.00
Day 2 Acupuncture & mental health - non member£140.00
Day 1 & 2 Acupuncture & Mental Health £190.00

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