Gift Aid Scheme

The Society would be very grateful for your help in agreeing to pay your subscription fee as a donation under the Gift Aid Scheme. This will enable the society as a registered charity to claim back the tax you have paid and provide us with funds we can use in education and research.

If you already claim basic tax relief on your subscription and intend to continue doing so, you will not be able to make a payment under the Gift Aid Scheme.

If you would like to donate please complete the Gift Aid Declaration and return it to us at You will need to select whether you want us to treat any payments you make from now on as Gift Aid payments or whether you would like us to treat previous payments going back to 6th April 2013 as payments under the scheme. You do not need to sign the declaration but your name and address details should be printed clearly. 

We do hope you will feel able to help the Society in this way

Gift Aid Declaration