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Scientific Meeting Series III 2023

01/01/2024 – 31/12/2025

Online via Webinar

Scientific Meeting Series III  2023

6 online lectures from 2023

Cost: Series III  £90

Series II also available for £60

purchase both together for a discounted rate of £120

The BMAS Scientific Meeting Series for 2023 launches with a presentation from Lisa Stener Victorin of the Karolinska Institute.  The Series is a new way to access the best in acupuncture research across the world.  A series of six one-hour lectures from leaders in the field of acupuncture, spread over the year, recorded live, and that build into a library of webcasts to refer back to time and again. 

Lisa Stener Victorin - Acupuncture and PCOS research – an update (recorded 1 April)

Beltrán Carrillom - Acupuncture Evidence and The Umbrella Collaboration: how the former took us to the latter  (recorded 20 May)

Ye-Seul Jennifer Lee - Acupuncture on treatment-related complications in breast cancer patients: results from real-world data (recorded 3 June)

Robert Gerwin - A new unified theory of trigger point formation (recorded 9 September)

Thomas Lundeberg - Possible explanations for lack of effect of acupuncture, and possible ways to counter them: a physiological perspective  (recorded October)

Stephanie Cheng - Perioperative auricular acupuncture  (recorded 11 November)


Dr Leonardo BOTELHO - Neuromodulation via nerve stimulation.  (recorded on 9 April)

Andrew VICKERS - The story of the acupuncture trialists collaboration IPDM. (recorded on 14 May)

Dr David COGGIN-CARR - Electro acupuncture for fetal growth restriction. (recorded on 11 June)


Yuqing "Madison" ZHANG - Acupuncture - how to improve the evidence base: The BMJ online series of papers 2022( recorded on 10 September)


Joanna DIETZEL - Therapeutic strategies of complementary medicines in COVID and Long COVID (recorded on 8 October)


Jane J ABANES - Acupuncture for Sleep Disturbances in Post-Deployment Military Service Members (recorded on 12  November)

1 hour CPD per lecture is available on submission of reflective learning


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