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Scientific Meeting Series II

01/12/2023 – 05/07/2024

Online via Webinar

Scientific Meeting Series  II

6 online lectures from 2022

Cost:  Series II (2022)  £60 

Series I (2021)also available  £60

Purchase both for a discounted rate of £100

The Scientific Meeting Series is a new way to access the best in acupuncture research across the world. A series of lectures from leaders in the field of acupuncture that you can view from our library of webcasts that you can refer back to time and again. If you are booked onto the Scientific Meeting Series the following lectures can now be viewed on the website. 


Dr Leonardo BOTELHO - Neuromodulation via nerve stimulation.  (recorded on 9 April)

Andrew VICKERS - The story of the acupuncture trialists collaboration IPDM. (recorded on 14 May)

Dr David COGGIN-CARR - Electro acupuncture for fetal growth restriction. (recorded on 11 June)

Yuqing "Madison" ZHANG - Acupuncture - how to improve the evidence base: The BMJ online series of papers 2022( recorded on 10 September)

Joanna DIETZEL - Therapeutic strategies of complementary medicines in COVID and Long COVID (recorded on 8 October)

Jane J ABANES - Acupuncture for Sleep Disturbances in Post-Deployment Military Service Members (recorded on 12  November)


SERIES I (2021)

Dr Vivien SHAW - The anatomy of acupuncture – were the Han Chinese physicians anatomists? (recorded on 17 April)

Dr Ari Ojeda Ocampo MORÉ - Acupuncture - peripheral receptors and neuromediators, and their implications for clinical practice  (recorded on 15 May)

Professor Xiang-Hong JING - Acupuncture Big Science – a proposal for international cooperation (recorded on 12 June)

César Fernández-de-las-Peñas - An update on the state of research and practice in myofascial pain (recorded on 18 September)

Professor Dr Klaus LINDE - Conflicting recommendations for acupuncture in chronic pain – the perspective of a methodologist and Cochrane reviewer (recorded on 16 October)

Professor Mark JOHNSON - Resolving long-standing uncertainty about clinical efficacy of TENS  (recorded on 20 November) 

1 hour CPD is available per lecture on submission of reflective learning.

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