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Practical Foundation Refresher days 2024

01/01/2024 – 30/12/2024

London or South Manchester or Glasgow or Belfast



2 practical days

Fee: BMAS member £300  Non member £380

CENTRAL LONDON  7 & 8 September or 2 & 3 November or 23 & 24 November 2024 

SOUTH MANCHESTER 26th & 27th  Oct 2024 


BELFAST  27th & 28th July 2024

These two-day practicals are ideal for anyone who has attended one of the BMAS Foundation Courses and wants to refresh their skills and techniques and gain some extra confidence in treating patients.

The refresher course is taught in parallel with the practical sessions of the BMAS Foundation Course and covers all the points and techniques from this course. The number of refreshers at these sessions is restricted to a maximum of three.  The current foundation course practicals are longer than those on the previous 4-day face to face course that was run prior to the 2020 pandemic. They include a number of techniques and points that would previously have only been covered at more advanced courses.

The days will focus on:

Points: Neck, shoulder and arm – APs & TrPs
Points: Lower back and leg – APs & TrPs
Points: Face and anterior neck – APs & TrPs
Points: Abdomen – APs & TrPs
Points: Paraspinal – thoracic and sacral
Ear acupuncture

This is a practical course and is subject to proof of Hepatitis B immunisation showing antibody level or results of a recent blood screen for Hep B surface antigens.  Please read this policy before proceeding:  HEPATITIS B POLICY

You are also required to be registered with a relevant regulatory body (or BAcC member), BMAS trained and/or currently using medical acupuncture.  Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Northwich office on 01606 786782.  

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