Dr Mike Cummings

Mike is Medical Director of the British Medical Acupuncture Society (BMAS). This role involves running the BMAS London Teaching Clinic (LTC), co-ordinating and lecturing on BMAS courses in Western medical acupuncture, acting as an associate editor for the Medline-listed journal Acupuncture in Medicine, and representing the BMAS at various academic and political meetings. Mike is an Honorary Clinical Specialist at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, which is part of the University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

His principal academic and clinical interest is musculoskeletal pain, and in particular, needling therapies in the treatment of myofascial pain syndromes. He has published a number of papers in this area, as well as the broader field of Western medical acupuncture.

After completing his medical degree at Leeds, and several hospital jobs in the north of England, Mike joined the Royal Air Force for a six and a half year short service commission as a medical officer. A substantial portion of the workload for a general duties medical officer (GDMO) in the RAF is musculoskeletal medicine. Mike came across acupuncture by accident whilst working as a GDMO. He followed his interest in musculoskeletal medicine and acupuncture on retiring from military service, and finally found himself occupied full time in the field of acupuncture.

Read Mike's profile in the Leeds University Medical School Alumni magazine from 2003.
Read a description of how Mike unexpectedly got into acupuncture in Toby Murcott's book - The Whole Story from 2005.

Mike edits and writes on the BMAS Blog.



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