Diploma of Medical Acupuncture


Candidates must be:

Medically qualified or a registered health professional. Registered in the UK, or the country in which they practice, with the appropriate statutory body.

A current member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society (BMAS).

A holder of the Certificate in Medical Acupuncture (CMA).


Candidates must have achieved a minimum of 100 'Training Hours', normally achieved by a combination of participation at courses, attendance at meetings and by distance learning. Guidance notes including a template for keeping a training record are available for download.


Candidates must demonstrate their experience by presenting a logbook of cases, which they have treated, along with several detailed case reports. Previously published papers and research may also be considered - see below for details.

Candidates may choose either Option A or Option B:

Option A:
1. A logbook of 100 cases treated
2. 15 detailed case reports (or 10 passed using the online system)

or Option B:
1. A logbook of 150 cases treated
2. 5 detailed case reports (or 5 passed using the online system)
3. Two papers published in peer reviewed journals (eg case reports, case series, audits, clinical acupuncture studies or research.)

Most candidates will have collected a logbook of 30 cases as part of their CMA application and these cases can be included in their Diploma logbook.

Clinical Assessment

Candidates who have fulfilled the above conditions satisfactorily will attend for a clinical assessment. This 45-minute assessment will be held with two assessors.

Candidates must bring their logbook to the clinical assessment.

Option B candidates should also bring their 5 detailed case reports. Case discussions will form the main component of the assessment. However, candidates may be asked to demonstrate examination techniques or other skills relevant to medical acupuncture.

Procedure for Application

Application should be made to:

BMAS, BMAS House, 3 Winnington Court, Northwich, Cheshire CW8 1AQ
Tel: 01606 786782
Fax: 01606 786783
E-mail: admin@thebmas.com

The Diploma can be completed in your own time online. The guidelines for completion can be downloaded by clicking here.

Successful candidates will receive a Certificate of Accreditation and, on payment of a small administration fee, a Diploma of Medical Acupuncture suitable for framing.