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ABVA Spring meeting 2019 BIRMINGHAM
Macdonald Burlington Hotel - (View on Map)
Saturday 23 March 2019

ABVA Spring Scientific Meeting 2019

Date: 23 March 2019

Location: MacDonald Burlington Hotel, Birimingham, B2 4JQ

Price: ABVA members £150, Non-members £175


For 2019, we are very lucky to have two fantastic speakers: 

Professor Charles Foster MA VetMB PhD MRCVS

Charles qualified from Cambridge University Veterinary School in 1987, and was subsequently called to the bar, where (from Serjeant's Inn chambers, London) he speacialises in medical and veterinary law.  He has been involved in many of the most important medical cases of recent years, including the assisted suicide litigation in the House of Lords and Supreme Court, and is the author of the veterinary negligence chapter in one of the leading textbooks on Professional Liability and of many other books and hundreds of articles. He is visiting Professor of Law at Oxford University, a member of the Oxford Law Faculty and a Fellow of Green Templeton College, Oxford. 

​​​​Lecture title: 'Vets and lawyers, and how to keep them apart'.

Veterinary surgeons - and particularly practitioners of alternative modalities of veterinary medicine - are increasingly concerned about their liability for claims for damages, and to proceedings before the Disciplinary Committee of the RCVS. Insurance premiums continue to climb. So do the numbers of claims. Yet there is widespread confusion about what has to be proved for a successful claim, and how ot avoid the unwelcome attention of the courts and the RCVS.  This lecture, by a practising barrister who is also a veterinary surgeon, outlines the elements of civil liability and gives practical advice on how to steer clear of the lawyers. It reviews the effects of the RCVS's recent statement on alternatvie therapies.

Dr Daniel Keown

Dan's lifetime aims are to mainstream acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and to surf some great waves.  To that aim, he became an emergency doctor, completed a degree in Chinese medicine and has written a best-selling book on acupuncture called 'The Spark in the Machine'.  He as another book to be released this year called 'The Unchartered Body: A New Textbook of Medicine'.

Dr Keown is a passionate believer in the power of living in harmony with nature, grows his own food and believes that Chinese medicine has the power to sovle many of society's health problems.  He lives in Tunbridge Wells with his wife and two children.


What God Forgot to Tell Surgeons

The body grew from a single cell to the trillion cell wonders that we all are.  Understanding how this grew clues us in to the most important force in our lives - what the Chinese call Qi. In this lecture, Dr Keown gives the basics of why the body needs this force and how it organises it through fascia (what the Chinese call Jing Luo  and has been erronueously translated as 'meridians').   This creates a very simple and logical understanding about the qi channels and acupuncture pratice.

The Substances

The body is not just composed of qi and channels, it also has cells and other substances. The Chinese have divided the body up into four principle substances - qi, blood, essence and fluids. At first glance, this my appear overly simplistic until a deeper understanding shows that this is a useful and clinically accurate way of looking at the body.  Dr Keown talks through each of the substances explaining what they represent, how they go wrong and how we can treat them.  When replete, the substances ensure that disease cannot enter the body, but when they weaken this allows entry of the pathogens.

The Pathogens

The pathogens are substances that can get into the body and cause disease.  These are defined according to the environmental conditions that they create within the body - cold, damp, heat, damp-heat, wind and dryness.  In this lecture, Dr Keown explains what these are, in Chinese and biomedical science and how they provide in may ways a more accurate and useful clinical picture that then guides treatment.  Each of the pathognes appears to affect one of the Six Levels of the body, which leads in to  . . . 

The Six Levels

The Six Levels are the foundation of much of Chinese medicine and are the precursors to the organs and the channels themselves. The Six Levels arise from the embryological layers of endo, meso and ecto derm which then go on to create all of the organs in the body.

In this lecture, Dr Keown explains how the six levels give us a complete and coherent model of the body that explains much of Chinese medicinal theory and also provides a more coherent model of the body itself. This is, incredibly, true for practitioners of both Chinese and Western medicine.  This will really get you thinking about the body in ways that will refresh, enlighten and educate you about your acupuncture practice and the body itself.


The Spring Scientific Meeting will be followed by the ABVA Annual General Meeting which we encourage all members to attend


Spring meeting Birmingham ABVA member£150.00
Spring meeting Birmingham non member£175.00
Friday Dinner - Chung Ying Garden restaurant£25.00

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