BMAS Council

From April 2016, the BMAS Council consists of:

President - Catherine Tiphanie
Vice President - Dr Graham Leng
Company Secretary - Dr Colin Lewis
Honorary Treasurer - Mrs Marion Richardson

Dr David Carr
Dr Jonathan Edwards
Dr Max Forrester
Dr Jens Foell
Dr Hans Mathew
Dr Michael Monk
Dr Mike Pullman
Dr Frankie Reid
Dr Carolyn Rubens
Dr Amer Sheikh

Other BMAS Officers

Dr Mike Cummings - Medical Director
Contact via Allyson Brown at the London Office

Dr David Carr - Editor in Chief Acupuncture in Medicine

Standing Committees and Sub Committees:

Education Committee

Chair - Dr Carolyn Rubens

Professional Services Committee

Chair - 

Research Sub Committee

Chair - Dr Adrian White

Development Committee

Chair - 

Competence, Accreditation & Examining Board (CAEB)

Chair - Dr Frankie Reid

Journal Management Committee:

Dr Anthony Campbell
Dr Mike Cummings
Dr Jacky Filshie
Dr Adrian White

Membership Committee:

Chair - Vacant