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BMAS Regional Groups

The BMAS has a number of regional groups to provide local support for both new and experienced members. They are small groups which provide a forum for discussion and for continuing development of your acupuncture skills.

Can you help set up a Regional Group?

With rising membership, we need enthusiastic BMAS acupuncturists to help with running and setting up regional groups.

If there is no regional group in your area and you would like to start one, or if you would like support for an existing group, please contact us:

BMAS Northwich Office  Tel: 01606 786782 Fax: 01606 786783 or by email: admin@medical-acupuncture.org.uk
Chris Brian, Regional Groups Co-ordinator  Tel: 01227 360839 or email: Dr Chris Brian


BMAS Regional Groups and their Leaders




Essex Regional Group (EXAG)

Dr Michael Monk

Email: Dr Michael Monk

Dorset Regional Group (DRAG)

Mary Joanne McGurk

Tel: 07599 385894

Email: Mary Joanne McGurk

Gloucestershire Regional Group (GRAG)

Dr Anne-Marie Marlow

Email: Dr Anne-Marie Marlow

Herefordshire & Worcestershire Group (HWAG)

Dr Martin Allbright

Tel: 01684 893393

Email: Dr Martin Allbright

Hampshire Regional Group (HAG)

Dr David Anderson

Tel: 01252 317551

Email: Dr David Anderson

Kent Regional Acupuncture Group (KRAG)

Dr Chris Brian

Tel: 01227 360839

Email: Dr Chris Brian

Leicestershire Acupuncture Group (LAG)

Dr Joseph Chan

Dr Edward Lin

Tel: 0116 289 5081

Email: Dr Joseph Chan

Tel: 0116 256 3454

Email: Dr Edward Lin

East Midlands Regional Acupuncture Group (EMRAG)

Ms Gale Harvey

Ms Michele Orpen

Tel: 07545 324252

Tel: 07545 324251

Email: Gale and Michele

Northern Ireland Acupuncture Group (NIRAG)

Dr Tuck Goh

Tel: 07731 950220

Email: Dr Tuck Goh

Central London Acupuncture Group (CLAG)

Dr David Carr

Tel: 07506 038972

Email: Dr David Carr

North East Scotland Acupuncture Group (NESAG)

Mrs Libby MacGregor

Email: Libby MacGregor

Aberdeen Acupuncture Group (ABAG)

Dr Peter Kiehlman

Tel: 0797 440 7171

Email: Dr Peter Kiehlman

Central Scotland Acupuncture Group (SSAG)

Mrs Susan Murphy

Tel: 01698 818091

Email: Mrs Susan Murphy

Scotland Acupuncture Group (SAG)

Dr Fawzi Sharara

Tel: 01436 678826

Email: Dr Fawzi Sharara

Sheffield Acupuncture Group (SYAG)

Dr Kate Bellingham

Email: Dr Kate Bellingham

Somerset and Area Regional Acupuncture Group (SARAG)

Dr Max Forrester

Tel: 01984 618237

Email: Dr Max Forrester

Wales Acupuncture Group (WAG)

Brian McKenna

Email: Brian McKenna

South West Regional Acupuncture Group (SWAG)

Dr Anne Beable

Email: Dr Anne Beable 

St Albans Regional Acupuncture Group (STAG)

Dr Jonathan Freedman

Mrs Marion Richardson

Email: Dr Jonathan Freedman

Email: Mrs Marion Richardson

Sussex Regional Acupuncture Group (SRAG)

Miss Josie Darling

Email: Miss Josie Darling 

Tyne & Wear Acupuncture Group (TAWAG)

Dr Peter Loughridge

Tel: 0191 2363164

Email: Dr Peter Loughridge

West Yorkshire Regional Acupuncture Group (WYAG)

Dr Shazaad Ali

Email: Dr Shazaad Ali

Manchester Regional Acupuncture Group (MADAG)

Mrs Jeanne Lythgoe

Email: Mrs Jeanne Lythgoe

Channel Islands Regional Acupuncture Group (CIRAG)

Dr Matthew Stark

Email: Dr Matthew Stark

 Below is a series of files which may be useful in setting up and running your regional group. Please download to use within your own group