Useful BMAS Documents

Please find below a series of documents currently used by BMAS which you may find useful.

Documents used in the BMAS London Teaching Clinic

Consent form
Detailed history sheet - sheet for recording patient details
Pain history sheet - for patients to record pain symptoms
Continuation sheet - medical record, male body diagram
Continuation sheet - medical record, female body diagram
Link to body diagrams page
Symptom diary - for patients use
Example of a symptom diary - to use with the diary
Patient information leaflet - this leaflet is under revision and will be available again shortly
(A high quality printed version of the Patient Information Leaflet will be available for Members to purchase in bulk from the BMAS offices)

Other documents

Brief case record sheet - to print out and use in your clinic
Brief case record template - for paperless practice

Reaccreditation diary - keep a record of your acupuncture educational activities
Reaccreditation guidelines
Informed consent for acupuncture - this article contains a suggested consent form (Appendix A) and a suggested information sheet (Appendix B)
BMAS Code of Practice  
Equality & Diversity Policy

Useful information

The Gift Aid Scheme helps the Society's funds by claiming back tax you have paid
Leave a legacy and support the Society's future work
Clinical evidence for acupuncture

Learning tools

Recommended reading list
CDs and DVDs for sale

For CoBC and Diploma candidates

Details of CoBC
BMAS Safety assessment (for submission as part of the COBC)
Details of Diploma
Training record
Case Logbook
Example of Case Logbook
Detailed Case Reports
Example of a detailed Case Report
Declaration of Originality

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