Webcasts of BMAS meetings with CPD modules

Do you want or need to earn additional CPD?   Simply complete of the quiz questions linked to each webcast presentation and you will earn CPD hours equivalent to the length of the webcast (half the hours if the meeting was attended) PROVIDED THE QUIZ IS COMPLETED WITHIN 2 YEARS of the date of the meeting to which they relate. Where no quiz is provided CPD hours may be earned by submitting a written critique or summary of learning aims and objectives.

If you missed the latest BMAS Spring or Autumn Meeting or simply want to enjoy it again, our meetings are now available in full on a webcast.  Watch the YouTube clips above to sample the webcasts.

Access to the webcasts of the Spring & Autumn Meeting 2010, Spring & Autumn Meeting 2011 and Spring Meeting 2012 is now FREE of charge to anyone registered on the BMAS website.  (CPD on these meetings is no longer available)

BMAS members who attend the Spring Meeting 2014 or Spring & Physiology Meeting 2013 and Autumn Meeting 2012 can view the webcast of that meeting FREE of charge. Alternatively, view the Spring Meetings for £75 each and the Autumn Meetings for £50.

Click here to become a member of the BMAS. Once you have been verified by BMAS you will be able to register on the site and have access to the presentations and CPD quizzes.

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We are sorry that the early BMAS webcasts may not be compatible with iPads and iPhones. Downloading a browser such as iSwifter or Puffin may help. From the Autumn Meeting 2012 webcasts ARE compatible with these devices.