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ABVA Foundation course, Moreton Morrell, October 2017
Warwickshire College - (View on Map)
02 & 03 Oct and 23 & 24 Oct 2017

Foundation Acupuncture Days

Venue: Moreton Morrell College, Lime Tree Drive, Warwick CV35 9BL


Date: 02/03 October and 23/24 October 2017


Price:   £1,050 - ABVA member    £1,200 - non member   £1,000 - Early bird (available until 21/08/17)


Thank you for expressing interest in the New ABVA Foundation course.

The ABVA committee has worked hard to produce a course that offers a solid foundation in the current practice of veterinary acupuncture. The lectures and practicals provided will enable you to understand the current thinking in the physiology of acupuncture, the basic traditional Chinese medical concepts pertaining to acupuncture, and most importantly the clinical applications of this ancient, and yet progressive medicine. The first three days of the course explores the current physiological understanding of acupuncture.

We are very fortunate to have Dr Alex Macdonald as a primary lecturer. He has a wealth of medical acupuncture experience in clinical and experimental conditions and has published extensively on the subject. He is one of the authors in the recommended text, Medical Acupuncture, A Western Scientific Approach. He is joined by Dr Dietrich von Schweinitz who has over 20 years in acupuncture practice and published acupuncture studies in the equine.

The fourth day examines some of the traditional Chinese medical (TCM) concepts in the practice of acupuncture. While significant controversy surrounds the accuracy of translations of the TCM sources and the merits of employing the ancient paradigms of TCM, there is, however, recognition of the profound observational skills of the ancient Chinese medical thinkers and their thoroughly holistic view of health that merits study and provides treatment strategies that have “stood the test of time”.

There will be 2-3 hours per day given to labs using delegates, dogs, and horses for acupoint finding exercises. Delegates may bring a dog to the course for acupuncture if it is appropriate and after prior notification in registration; and there may be animals presented at the venues for acupuncture demonstrations.

We welcome you to the ABVA and our course.

We strongly recommend you prepare for attending the course by obtaining the recommended text, Veterinary Acupuncture, Ancient Art to Modern Medicine (ed. Schoen) and reading Chapters 1-3. This book contains very useful acupuncture charts and information for all the common animal species. There is a lot to learn - but it’s worth it!

D G von Schweinitz

Early Bird rate of £1,000 is only available until 21 August 2017. If full payment is not received by this date the standard cost of £1,200 applies.


2017 ABVA Moreton Morrell Non member£1200.00
2017 ABVA Moreton Morrell member£1050.00
2017 ABVA Moreton Morrell deposit only available until 21 August 2017£1200.00

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