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HEADACHE DAY 2017 Northwich, Cheshire
BMAS House (South Manchester) - (View on Map)
7 September 2017

Acupuncture for HEADACHE  7 September 2017

BMAS House, Northwich, Cheshire (nr. Manchester)

Overview of the NICE guidance.  Overview of headache: history and classification.   Demonstration: assessment of the patient.   Anatomy: relevant anatomy of the head and neck.  Practical sessions: assessment and needling practice

A one day course covering key aspects of acupuncture for treatment of headache, focusing on the assessment, treatment and management of headache. The morning consisting of lectures and demonstrations, with particular reference to the NICE guidelines for acupuncture for headache, followed by an afternoon of practical sessions to refresh existing skills and/or learn new techniques to improve your expertise in this field.

The course is for regulated health professionals who use acupuncture in their practice and would like to revise or improve their knowledge and skills in the management of patients with headache.

PROGRAMME   Subject to change



Overview of current recommendations and evidence 

Overview of headache: history and classification 

Anatomy: relevant anatomy of the head and neck 

Demonstration: assessment of the patient


Group Practical Sessions

Assessment and needling

GB21 / upper trapezius – supine and prone

  Identify C2

GB20 / semispinalis, splenius and trapezius attachment – prone and supine

Sternocleidomastoid / LI18


Assessment and needling

        Taiyang / temporalis / ST8

        GB14, Yintang, BL2

        ST7 / masseter, pterygoids

Delegate notes, tea, coffee, and light lunch are included.

 This is a practical course and is subject to proof of Hepatitis B immunisation showing antibody level or results of a recent blood screen for Hep B surface antigens.  Please read this policy before proceeding:  HEPATITIS B POLICY

You are also required to be registered with a relevant regulatory body (or BAcC member), BMAS trained and/or currently using medical acupuncture.   Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Northwich office on 01606 786782. 



Headache Sept 2017 (BMAS member)£155.00
Headache Sept 2017 (non member)£195.00

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