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St Columba's Hospice Education Department - (View on Map)
23 May 2013

A one day course covering various symptom management topics such as pain, nausea/vomiting, breathlessness, dry mouth, hot flushes, fatigue For each of these we discuss assessment, the evidence base for acupuncture and suggestions for treatment with acupuncture. We do touch on conventional treatment but only to put acupuncture in its context in terms of managing patients. We also talk about particular issues with palliative care patients eg with regard to safety and side effects of acupuncture. Most of this is in lecture format but we have small group workshops in the afternoon for further discussion At the end of the day we have a session on running an acupuncture service within palliative care to discuss things like protocols, consent, patient info etc Programme (subject to change) Morning Introduction Lectures covering: Pain Nausea/vomiting Breathlessness Dry mouth Afternoon Group practical sessions Including case discussions Point selection and needling Running an acupuncture service in palliative care Safety aspects Led by Dr Graham Leng & Dr Juliet Spiller


Palliative care (BMAS Member)£150.00
Palliative care (non member)£190.00

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