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BMAS Spring Conference 2016

Marriott Victoria and Albert Hotel, Manchester

Saturday and Sunday, 16 and 17 April 2016


Saturday 16 April 2016

0900    Registration

0920    Welcome

0930    Ari Moré: Examining the role of adenosine in acupuncture treatment 
1010    Q&A 

1030    Coffee / Posters

1115    Romina Fornes: How does acupuncture affect fetal growth in health and disease?
1145    Q&A

1200    Thomas Lundeberg: Relative contributions of local and segmental effects of acupuncture treatment for chronic pain
1230    Q&A

1245    Lunch

1400    Speaker Forum - including debate on NICE guidelines for back pain

1500    Ari Moré: Brief acupuncture training of doctors in primary care within the Brazilian national health service in Florianopolis
1530    Q&A

1540    Tea / Posters

1620    Duncan Lawler: Acupuncturist fatigue and adverse events - a clinical audit
1650    Q&A

1700    Close

BMAS AGM (members only)

1930    Magical conference dinner (additional charge)

Sunday 17 April 2016

A choice of workshops curated specially for the modern medical acupuncturist (choose any 4):

Mike Cummings: Musculoskeletal assessment including acupuncture

Ari Moré: The use of motor point and nerve trunk stimulation techniques in the treatment of MSK problems

Thomas Lundeberg: Physiological treatment parameters in acupuncture treatment of chronic pain

David Carr & Frankie Reid: Writing for publication and accreditation

Graham Leng: Practical acupuncture in palliative care

Duncan Lawler: Enhancing clinical outcomes by optimizing the therapeutic interaction