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Latest News

POINTS PRACTICAL DAYS - Enhance your practical needling skills - Lower limb, Shoulder & Arm, Lumbogluteal, Head & neck

Author:Julie Cummings
Date Added:13 April 2012

LOWER LIMB                24 October 2012         London

SHOULDER & ARM     15 November 2012     London

HEAD & NECK              21 November 2013     London


Practical Points days are face-to-face short courses that focus on enhancing practical skills with particular reference to knowledge and understanding of Western medical acupuncture in the treatment of specific clinical conditions.

During these intensive, experiential sessions, delegates will have the opportunity to question and discuss treatment plans with peers and more experienced colleagues and to use the supplied portfolio workbook pages as a means to record any need for further study that emerges from that practical focus.

These days cover the core skills training for the Diploma of Medical Acupuncture (DipMedAc).

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