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Latest News

AUTUMN MEETING 2017 WEBCASTS - Now available to members on line. CPD available for the modest cost of £50. (FREE to those who attended)

Author:Julie Cummings
Date Added:23 October 2017

Geoffrey Burnstock: Purinergic signalling and its involvement in pain and acupuncture  (1 hr)

Berthold Henkel: Acupuncture for pain control after caesarean section—a randomised, placebo-controlled investigation with non-randomised arm (0.5 hr)

Taras Usichenko:  Analgesic effects of auricular acupuncture, including demonstration (1 hr)

Speaker Forum (1 hr)

Catharina Klausenitz:  Auricular acupuncture for exam anxiety in medical students—a randomized crossover investigation (0.6 hr)

Adrian WhiteAcupuncture in Medicine—a fake journal?  (1 hr)

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