Intermediate Training Programme

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The Intermediate Training Programme consists of a series of Points Practical days which are designed to cover the entire field of Medical Acupuncture irrespective of the point of entry. The aim is to provide a cohesive "Curriculum in Medical Acupuncture" and to allow health professionals working full time in medicine and health to continue their acupuncture studies.

The Points Practical days differ from the tightly structured and self-contained Foundation (Basic) Courses in that advanced acupuncture will inevitably be more individual and its teaching less dogmatic. The design of this curriculum is currently undergoing a radical re-think to ensure that the award meets the requirements of regulation for Western medical acupuncturists and allows candidates to engage with the curriculum in ways that will best meet their development needs. Those who are already studying for accredited status and have some courses already completed should not be alarmed by any changes to existing courses. Simply continue gaining 'hours' and experience, and adding to your logbook of cases. There are no courses that are mandatory in order to achieve BMAS Accreditation.

All courses include lunch, refreshments, student teacher ratio of no more than 12:1, and comprehensive handouts.

Approval for CPD credits for this course is applied for from the Royal College of Physicians. Outcomes and their assessment will be recorded in a portfolio and will focus on a mixture of practical skills and theoretical understandings.

All courses are suitable for any health professional who has attended a Foundation Course in acupuncture either with the BMAS or another suitable provider of training in Western medical acupuncture within the past three years. Please Note: The BMAS only offers training to healthcare professionals who are registered by statute in the UK, or, if from abroad, who are registered in the country in which they practice. This includes doctors, nurses, midwives, health visitors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, and podiatrists.

Successful completion of the programme will ensure that all subjects in the core curriculum for BMAS Accreditation will have been covered to an appropriate level. Our aim is to offer a mixture of practical and theoretical work, some of which will be provided at-a-distance, through a variety of flexible modes of delivery. You will be supported in your studies by peers and by experienced supervisors. Practical skills will continue to be offered through experience and practice workshops over a series of weekends.

Intermediate Training - dates and venues

Follow the link to Supplementary Courses for more details of dates, venues and topics for the coming year.

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