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Acupuncture & MENTAL HEALTH, London Apr 2020
National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) - (View on Map)
12/13 September 2020

Acupuncture and Mental Health

Date : 12/13 September 2020

Location:  NCVO, Regents Wharf, London  N1 9RL

Price per day: BMAS member £155   non member £195  or  £310 for both days

This is a Foundation level training course designed for healthcare professionals working with patients with mental health problems. There are both theoretical and practical elements to the course.


Day 1 is designed for those with no prior training in acupuncture and covers very basic Foundation level acupuncture with safety points.


Day 2 is for those with previous training in acupuncture, such as the BMAS Foundation Course and those who have attended Day 1.


Day 2 can be booked independently of day 1.


By the end of the course participants will be able to use Western medical acupuncture techniques as an adjunctive treatment in patients suffering from mental health problems.


This is a practical course and is subject to proof of Hepatitis B immunisation showing antibody level or results of a recent blood screen for Hep B surface antigens.  Please read this policy before proceeding:  HEPATITIS B POLICY

You are also required to be registered with a relevant regulatory body (or BAcC member), BMAS trained and/or currently using medical acupuncture.   Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Northwich office on 01606 786782.  


Day 1 Acupuncture & Mental health no previous training- member£155.00
Day 1 Acupuncture & mental health no previous training - non member£195.00
Day 2 Acupuncture & mental health - member£155.00
Day 2 Acupuncture & mental health - non member£195.00
Day 1 & 2 Acupuncture & Mental Health £310.00

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