Software Reviews

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The views expressed here are solely my own, unless otherwise stated - Dr Colin Lewis

Featured Software

Dual Media Review
Electroacupuncture - A practical manual and resource.

Taoclinic Professional
If you want an all singing and dancing software to help you manage your acupuncture (and herbal) practice, then this is it!

BMAS Points
Multimedia CD-ROM, covering the location, palpation and needling of both acupuncture and trigger points, as taught by the BMAS.

Zhangmen 9.1i
Major update of this practice management and acupuncture reference software, includes integration with Microsoft Office suite.

AcuPartner Clinic
Clinic management and accounts software.

Qpuncture II
Acupuncture, auriculotherapy and herb reference guide.

The Virtual TCM Clinic
Interactive game on CD-ROM for students and practitioners of TCM. Reviewed by Dr Richard James.

For Medical Acupuncturists: Treatment records and reference, CD-ROM.

Database CD-ROM covering Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Herbs.

Reference for acupuncture point location with indications, symptom patterns and acupuncture practice management.

Multimedia CD-ROM covering Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.

Journal of Chinese Medicine
CD-ROM containing articles, abstracts and reviews published in this Journal.

Database CD-ROM covering Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and herbs.

Acupuncture Interactive Book
A multimedia CD-ROM covering Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.