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Acupuncture in Medicine ISBN 0964 - 5284

This international journal is published four times a year by the BMJ Group.  It is listed in Index Medicus and on Medline.

The abstracts of articles published in the Journal are freely available on the journal website, along with the full text of some selected articles. For subscribers, both paper and electronic versions of the Journal are available.


Advertisements placed in the Journal will reach a wide audience of acupuncturists, both in the UK and worldwide.
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Aims and Scope

Acupuncture in Medicine, published by the BMJ Group for the British Medical Acupuncture Society (BMAS), contains articles on clinical, experimental, technical and basic science aspects of medical acupuncture and related techniques. It welcomes scientific reports, systematic and general reviews, audits, case reports, and other submissions that may be of interest to readers. All research papers are subjected to peer review.

Acupuncture in Medicine is a scientific and clinical journal aimed at Western-trained physicians and other health professionals, and uses the prevailing understanding of neurophysiology and anatomy to interpret the effects of acupuncture. The Journal largely restricts its published articles to this western approach. Clinical reports of the effects of traditional acupuncture will be considered and theoretical aspects that are evidence-based.

Database listing

Acupuncture in Medicine is listed on:

  • National Library of Medicine(US)
  • Index Medicus and MEDLINE
  • Elsevier: EMBASE/Excerpta Medica
  • British Library: AMED
  • Research Council for Complementary Medicine: CISCOM
  • Online Computer Library Center: Articlefirst
  • EB Publishing (full text) Alt-HealthWatch
  • Université de Montpellier: ACUBASE
  • China: Acupuncture Progress
  • Nursing and Allied Health Literature (full text): CINAHL

A cumulative index of the Journal and selected articles are available on the journal website.

Information subscribers and contributors

Advice for Authors

Instructions for submitting manuscripts to Acupuncture in Medicine can be found at the back of the Journal and by following this link to Advice for Authors.

Back Issues

Back issues of the Journal are available in a variety of formats.


Acrobat (PDF) files of past articles can be downloaded free of charge from the journal website.

Paper Copies

Paper copies of the Journal from Volume 9 (1991) onwards, can be purchased by contacting the BMAS office, subject to availability.

Enquiries to:

BMAS House, 3 Winnington Court
Northwich, Cheshire CW8 1AQ
Tel: 01606 786782 : Fax: 01606 786783
Email: Admin@medical-acupuncture.org.uk

Journal Distribution

The Journal is available in either paper or electronic versions (PDF files).

Non-members may subscribe to the paper or electronic version of the Journal.

Enquiries for subscriptions to the BMJ Group Subscriptions Department

Editorial Board

Adrian White: UK
E-mail: Editor@medical-acupuncture.org.uk

Associate Editors
Mike Cummings: UK
David Grant: UK
Simon Hayhoe: UK

Editorial Board
Susan Ashley: UK
Brian Berman: USA
Anthony Campbell: UK
Jacqueline Filshie: UK
Alan Grant: UK
Mark Johnson: UK
Kanji Kawakita: Japan
Klaus Linde: Germany
Thomas Lundeberg: Sweden
Jongbae Park: USA
Lisa Stener-Victorin: Sweden
Andrew Vickers: USA
Adam Ward: UK
Peter White: UK
Claudia Witt: Germany

Book and Media Review Editor
Colin Lewis: UK