Foundation Refresher Course

Foundation Refresher Course

This one-day course has been designed for anyone who has attended one of the BMAS Foundation Courses. It is designed to help you to refresh your knowledge, brush up your skills and gain some extra confidence in treating patients.

The course is intended to be flexible and tutors will respond to the needs of the group. However, there are likely to be small group sessions covering some or all of the following:

Preparation for the COBC
Head and neck
Shoulder girdle and upper limb
Back and hip girdle
Lower limb
Practical demonstrations

Course Dates and Fees

Course Fee:
£145.00 (BMAS Member)
£185.00 (non-BMAS Member)

Location: NORTHWICH, BMAS House
Date: 4 June 2015

Location: LONDON N1, NCVO
Date: 1 October 2015 


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Post Foundation Course for Dentists

The objective of the course is to introduce additional techniques and skills to those acquired at the foundation course.

The course topics are refreshment of previously acquired skills including, meridians, the most important acupuncture points and trigger points. Additional acupuncture points will be included. Additional techniques will be introduced, including electroacupuncture, TENS, segmental acupuncture, periosteal acupuncture, superficial needling and scalp acupuncture. Practical sessions will include practical needling under supervision, and case histories.